Saturday, 8 September 2012

All good things must come to an end

Poppet :'( 

Pandora :) She's a sweetie 

So spring has sprung and can we tell! The weather went from being beautiful and sunshiney to raining ;( Grrr guess that's the downside of having a great winter. Oh well only 3 more months till SUMMER! I love summer  as it means barbecues, long lazy days, iceblocks, spending too much time at the beach, bikinis, cute dresses, cut off shorts and generally just an amazing time :) On the down side though it also means sunburn and having to wear a sunhat. Im yet to find a cute sunhat, any ideas? The photos are of my lambs Poppet and Pandora. Unfortunately Poppet passed away on wednesday. I cried for hours :'( but Pandora is still healthy and well just a little bit lonely :( Everything good has to come to an end I guess it just doesn't mean that it wont hurt when it does. Sorry about telling you about this its just something I needed to say and is a huge part of stuff that's happening in my life even if it is a bit depressing...
Ill post some pictures of the pretty blossoms and daffodils scattered around the gardens and some of my spring outfits at a later date but until then,
Fee x 


Friday, 10 August 2012

Birthday Babes ;D

I know I havent posted much lately but this week has been the busiest ever. Like literally! Science fair, NCEA maths to prepare for, Speeches, Debating, Harriers, Cycling and OHMYGOSH the list just goes on forever. But the subject of this weeks post is mi cumpleanos! (My Birthday) It was my bday yesterday and it didnt start to great considering my parents had already bought and given my presents to me months ago :( But my amazing friend anjay baked me a super duper yummy cake (Bottom photo) and rang me in the morning to wish me a happy birthday. Oh and the middlke photo is of the rainbow batter I used to make my rainbow cupcakes that I took to school for everyone :D
The top photo is some of the many presents from my friends and extended family. My birthday kinda went downhill after school as I got the flu and almost passed out later that evening :/ Oh well not everything can be perfect. But today me and mum are going into town and buying me the converse I have wanted for like forever. Yay! Haha has anyone else been watching the olympics nonstop :) Congratulations to Sarah Walker silver medal this morning and the womens sailing 470's gold medal!
Anyway Id better go sniffle some more ;) Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend
Fee XX

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Aztec outfits

Im ever so sorry for not posting lately. I dont think iv posted for two weeks :/ I guess with the start of school iv been quite busy and we've had at least three tests since the start of school. So today I did nothing much but mi familia and I went into town and we stopped at the shops for a while and I picked up this skirt -see above- for a quarter of its original price. Bargain! :D
But the only problem is I dont really know what to wear it with...
Due to its aztecy patterns and rather dullish colours it doesnt really go with much. 
In the pictures-
The pattern- muted bright colours in aztec designs
One outfit- A black top with a colourful tiger print :) the skirt and some black sandals I got last year
And another outfit- This outfit really isnt very stylish haha. I just chucked on a purple wooly jersey, black socks and blue hightops :)
The pictures really arent the best quality due to being taken in the mirror and off my phone :/
 So in other news my sister broke her leg yesterday and has been sitting on the couch in a full leg cast today. I feel quite gutted for her as she was doing really well in sport. :(
Thats all for now
Fee Xx

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Marina, Manicures And Material

See full size image

Hey everyone :)
Just a quickish post today even though im not all that busy. I <3 the holidays haha
So in my pictures today we have from top:
Marina and The Diamonds Primadonna girl (Image sourced from google images)
This song is my current obsession for some reason the velvety tones of Marina stick in my head wherever I go. By now my parents are sick of me humming and singing it throughout the house and whenever it comes on the radio they immediately switch it off :(
Some fabric that I bought about a month ago. This material is made of these squares like you see above. I bought it to go in my room which is slowly getting done up bit by bit but only if I keep my room tidy haha :) Im going to make like a huge canvas out of it which can be used as a photo and pinboard. Hopefully I will get it started and finished in the next few months ;)
And last but not least the sort of ish manicure I did with sellotape (Or is it cellotape?). For nails done at one oclock in the morning they dont look to bad ;) But still could definiteley be better. Personally I really like orange and purple together, do you?
I hope everyones week has been fun and that the sun has shined down on you cos it most definitely hasnt here >:( haha
Hasta luego
Fee Xx

Friday, 29 June 2012

Uggs, Airmail and Frosty Days

So life has been busy as per usual. My days are just chocablock thanks to school and sport.
Over here at the bottom of the world its winter and holy moly can I tell haha. From top to bottom:
My fat pants, knit jersey and snuggly ugg boots. My favourite clothes at the moment :)
The frost outside :/ and this is at 3 in the afternoon
Letters! I love writing letters to people.I mean yea now that there is stuff like facebook chat and texting its not really needed but personally I love the feeling of anticipation when your waiting for a letter from someone. I also  like sending them to people because you hope that it puts a little sunshine in their day :) Do you guys like sending letters?
On Tuseday I had a fantastic surprise. IT SNOWED!! I absolutely love snow it just makes me so happy its unbelievable! Going from scotland to new zealand and getting used to the fact it wont be a white christmas is hard but i think im getting there finally after 7 years ;)
Au Revoir
Fee Xx

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Rainbow cupcakes! :*

Soo this week I made rainbow cupcakes. I found the recipe here. They were surprisingly easy to make just a little messy :/ Mum wasnt too happy when she saw the bright blue kitchen bench haha. But they were super duper bright and colourful and they were like a little ray of sunshine in the miserable rainy weather we get here. Anyway other stuff that has been happening in my life this week... Iv had a horrible cold :( which meant iv been feeling terrible but I think its getting better now. (fingers crossed) and today I went to the birthday party of the fabulous Jane from the tale of two buttons(  ) It was great fun and we took some cute pictures :) And thats my news for the week
Fee Xx

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Purple and Giveaway

PurpleHellooooo everyone so sorry I haven't posted for ages.
This polyvore masterpiece ;) is all about my favourite colour Purple! 
Anyway just posting to let you know about this ahmazing giveaway by Jane and Emily at The Tale Of Two Buttons  :) 
It is truly cute and I think you should check it out. 
Until next time 
Fee xx

Friday, 23 March 2012

On a sunny summers day...

On a sunny summers day...

It was a fantastic day today so i hopped on polyvore to try and express what the day was like in a picture : )
Hope you like it
Fee xx

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Weekend Away

I compiled a little bit of a photo diary this weekend when my family and i went away for the weekend.
These photos where all taken on the train we went on the Kingston Flyer. It was really  picturesque and i could totally picture someone from a different era climbing aboard : ) apart from the manky weather. (Hence the rain on the windows)
Hope you like my photos and that you had a great weekend 
Fee xx

Monday, 5 March 2012

Cupcakes x

 I feel like making and eating gorgeous cupcakes but sadly i dont have time so i found these delectable pictures instead
They look ahmazing and the manicure looks ever so cute
Hope you like the cupcakes as much as i do 
Fee xx

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunny Day

What a gorgeous day...
I went up to Oamaru in the weekend for a triathlon it was fantastic fun : )
Yet again i looked out in the early morning and told myself that it was a cloudy day and the sun wouldnt come out. And yet again i ended up with a horribly sunburnt nose. 
My judgement really isnt the best.
But i had a good weekend even if it was a little hot
Fee xx

Monday, 27 February 2012



Orange is one of my favourite colours firstly because my hair is orange and secondly becuse its such a bright awesomely weird colour. Orange makes me think of many different things. Whats your favourite colour?

Sunburn hurts : (

Why didnt i remember...
Today we had athletics day and it was awesome fun : )

But the sun was terribly hot and now my face is a bright strawberry red. 
It feels like a friday and i really wish it was instead of tuesday : (
Iv compiled a list of some of the things that i didnt like about athletics day:

  • Sunburn (it hurts and it looks stupid)
  • I have school tomorrow
  • I wanted an icecream but i didnt have time : (
  • The weather was cold and then it was hot and then it was cold and then it was hot...
  • My bum kept on hitting the high jump bar : )
  • And my hair was a mess the whole day
  • Im tired

Maybe im just being silly but i still enjoy athletics day a lot even with the downsides : )

Oh well the day turned out vaguely alrite and im thankful for that 
Fee xx

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Watermelon manicure

I really want to do this cute manicure on my nails 
I found the instructions and picture at this blog
It looks adorable and ever so cute. 
Sadly i dont have green nailpolish so it will have to wait till i buy some :(
Anyway have fun with it
Fee xx

My new shoes : )

My amazing fantastical new running shoes. Apparently their meant to fix my heavily munted feet and hopefully its working:) Well i tried them today in the community triathlon i did (75m swim, 4km bike, 2km run) it was great fun and i did quite well. First Girl! And second overall :)
Anyway i had a great day and i hope you did to.
Happy Sunday : )
Fee xx

Topshop jeans

Topshop jeans
For those of you who lurved the floral jeans that i featured in Cute Stuff i found some more that also take my fancy
Enjoy, Fee xx

Life is like riding a bicycle

Life is like riding a bicycle

This is another one of my polyvore creations. I think i am addicted to that site. Tell me what you think of it :)
Fee xx

Friday, 24 February 2012

Thanks everyone : )

Thanks to everyone whos following me. I really appreciate it :) 
If you have anything that you want me to post just comment and il get back to you 
Fee xx

Thursday, 23 February 2012


First new episode of GLEE oh my god its awesome but what the hell Quinn?!

Winter warmers

Winter warmers

Another polyvore creation relevant to the manky weather today

What a miserable day

I wish....

Ugh what a horrible, horrible day. The rain is pouring down and i feel miserable.
I came home from school today hoping to find a roaring fire and steaming hot chocolate waiting for me but there was no one at home :( Oh well guess id better go make that hot chocolate myself...
And there was me thinking it was summer.
Fee xx

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My new blog : )

Hey everyone
I hope you like my brand spanking new blog with all its random awesomeness :)
Hopefully i will be able to post regularly but if i cant get on for a while blame my parents
By the way for those wondering my random posts will be anything from photos to recipes 
so watch out :)
Fee xx