Friday, 29 June 2012

Uggs, Airmail and Frosty Days

So life has been busy as per usual. My days are just chocablock thanks to school and sport.
Over here at the bottom of the world its winter and holy moly can I tell haha. From top to bottom:
My fat pants, knit jersey and snuggly ugg boots. My favourite clothes at the moment :)
The frost outside :/ and this is at 3 in the afternoon
Letters! I love writing letters to people.I mean yea now that there is stuff like facebook chat and texting its not really needed but personally I love the feeling of anticipation when your waiting for a letter from someone. I also  like sending them to people because you hope that it puts a little sunshine in their day :) Do you guys like sending letters?
On Tuseday I had a fantastic surprise. IT SNOWED!! I absolutely love snow it just makes me so happy its unbelievable! Going from scotland to new zealand and getting used to the fact it wont be a white christmas is hard but i think im getting there finally after 7 years ;)
Au Revoir
Fee Xx

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Rainbow cupcakes! :*

Soo this week I made rainbow cupcakes. I found the recipe here. They were surprisingly easy to make just a little messy :/ Mum wasnt too happy when she saw the bright blue kitchen bench haha. But they were super duper bright and colourful and they were like a little ray of sunshine in the miserable rainy weather we get here. Anyway other stuff that has been happening in my life this week... Iv had a horrible cold :( which meant iv been feeling terrible but I think its getting better now. (fingers crossed) and today I went to the birthday party of the fabulous Jane from the tale of two buttons(  ) It was great fun and we took some cute pictures :) And thats my news for the week
Fee Xx