Saturday, 10 March 2012

Weekend Away

I compiled a little bit of a photo diary this weekend when my family and i went away for the weekend.
These photos where all taken on the train we went on the Kingston Flyer. It was really  picturesque and i could totally picture someone from a different era climbing aboard : ) apart from the manky weather. (Hence the rain on the windows)
Hope you like my photos and that you had a great weekend 
Fee xx


  1. Hehe, Fee, turned out that we went on it this weekend, too, except on Friday. I took heaps of pictures too. Too much of a kwinky-dink! Hope your brother's bday was good.
    xx Jane

  2. Omg Jane I was gonna comment haha. Well fee you get one from both of us. Your to lucky!! Cutey pat-tooty pictures
    xx Emily


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