Saturday, 25 February 2012

My new shoes : )

My amazing fantastical new running shoes. Apparently their meant to fix my heavily munted feet and hopefully its working:) Well i tried them today in the community triathlon i did (75m swim, 4km bike, 2km run) it was great fun and i did quite well. First Girl! And second overall :)
Anyway i had a great day and i hope you did to.
Happy Sunday : )
Fee xx


  1. Wow fee thats really good. And it was lovely weather to. I should have been doing it, though i couldn't. I am amazingly unprepared for athletics day... *sighs*.
    xx Emily

    1. Aw i missed you there. I had no one to hang out with until ma mates from primary came and talked to me. Then i had a great time :)
      We played touch and bullrush and tackle rugby and it was ever so muchos fun Lol.I know it doesnt sound like fun but it truly was. I dmissed those guys :(
      Anyway how was the picnic?
      Fee x


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