Saturday, 8 September 2012

All good things must come to an end

Poppet :'( 

Pandora :) She's a sweetie 

So spring has sprung and can we tell! The weather went from being beautiful and sunshiney to raining ;( Grrr guess that's the downside of having a great winter. Oh well only 3 more months till SUMMER! I love summer  as it means barbecues, long lazy days, iceblocks, spending too much time at the beach, bikinis, cute dresses, cut off shorts and generally just an amazing time :) On the down side though it also means sunburn and having to wear a sunhat. Im yet to find a cute sunhat, any ideas? The photos are of my lambs Poppet and Pandora. Unfortunately Poppet passed away on wednesday. I cried for hours :'( but Pandora is still healthy and well just a little bit lonely :( Everything good has to come to an end I guess it just doesn't mean that it wont hurt when it does. Sorry about telling you about this its just something I needed to say and is a huge part of stuff that's happening in my life even if it is a bit depressing...
Ill post some pictures of the pretty blossoms and daffodils scattered around the gardens and some of my spring outfits at a later date but until then,
Fee x 


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