Friday, 10 August 2012

Birthday Babes ;D

I know I havent posted much lately but this week has been the busiest ever. Like literally! Science fair, NCEA maths to prepare for, Speeches, Debating, Harriers, Cycling and OHMYGOSH the list just goes on forever. But the subject of this weeks post is mi cumpleanos! (My Birthday) It was my bday yesterday and it didnt start to great considering my parents had already bought and given my presents to me months ago :( But my amazing friend anjay baked me a super duper yummy cake (Bottom photo) and rang me in the morning to wish me a happy birthday. Oh and the middlke photo is of the rainbow batter I used to make my rainbow cupcakes that I took to school for everyone :D
The top photo is some of the many presents from my friends and extended family. My birthday kinda went downhill after school as I got the flu and almost passed out later that evening :/ Oh well not everything can be perfect. But today me and mum are going into town and buying me the converse I have wanted for like forever. Yay! Haha has anyone else been watching the olympics nonstop :) Congratulations to Sarah Walker silver medal this morning and the womens sailing 470's gold medal!
Anyway Id better go sniffle some more ;) Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend
Fee XX