Saturday, 21 July 2012

Aztec outfits

Im ever so sorry for not posting lately. I dont think iv posted for two weeks :/ I guess with the start of school iv been quite busy and we've had at least three tests since the start of school. So today I did nothing much but mi familia and I went into town and we stopped at the shops for a while and I picked up this skirt -see above- for a quarter of its original price. Bargain! :D
But the only problem is I dont really know what to wear it with...
Due to its aztecy patterns and rather dullish colours it doesnt really go with much. 
In the pictures-
The pattern- muted bright colours in aztec designs
One outfit- A black top with a colourful tiger print :) the skirt and some black sandals I got last year
And another outfit- This outfit really isnt very stylish haha. I just chucked on a purple wooly jersey, black socks and blue hightops :)
The pictures really arent the best quality due to being taken in the mirror and off my phone :/
 So in other news my sister broke her leg yesterday and has been sitting on the couch in a full leg cast today. I feel quite gutted for her as she was doing really well in sport. :(
Thats all for now
Fee Xx


  1. Cute skirt! Both outfits look lovely!!

  2. Hmm I think you can really wear that with just about anything. Don't worry too much about it being a busy print because you can just chuck on a cute tshirt either a cropped top over wearing the skirt high waisted or tuck a longer tshirt in for cute look and throw any kind of jacket over it if you get cold. If you get a little more adventurous and feel like having fun with it, maybe even try mixing it with a different print with similar colors.

    1. Thanks so much for the advice! :)
      Fee XX


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