Monday, 27 February 2012

Sunburn hurts : (

Why didnt i remember...
Today we had athletics day and it was awesome fun : )

But the sun was terribly hot and now my face is a bright strawberry red. 
It feels like a friday and i really wish it was instead of tuesday : (
Iv compiled a list of some of the things that i didnt like about athletics day:

  • Sunburn (it hurts and it looks stupid)
  • I have school tomorrow
  • I wanted an icecream but i didnt have time : (
  • The weather was cold and then it was hot and then it was cold and then it was hot...
  • My bum kept on hitting the high jump bar : )
  • And my hair was a mess the whole day
  • Im tired

Maybe im just being silly but i still enjoy athletics day a lot even with the downsides : )

Oh well the day turned out vaguely alrite and im thankful for that 
Fee xx


  1. I have finally got home from concert band and have time to do nothing... See ya tomorrow
    xx Emily


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